Beech Barometer, 108 mm Diameter


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An elegant combination barometer and thermometer. Ideal for decorating the home by hanging on a wall, and extremely handy for predicting the weather.

The barometer displays atmospheric pressure, whereas the thermometer displays temperature (duh!).

Carefully hand-assembled in Germany, and set in a beech wood. (also available in oak.)

No batteries required, ever! – this is a completely analogue instrument that help you become less reliant on the weatherman (or woman) for years and years to come.

For indoor use only. The diameter of the instrument measures 108mm

Upon un-packaging the instrument, the barometer will need to be set to the local air pressure. This can easily be done by finding the latest pressure reading from the Met Office, using the observation site closest to where you live.

To set your barometer, simply turn a screw on the back of the station to rotate the barometer needle to the correct position (the measurement from your nearest observation site).

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