Prestige Weather Station with Barometer, Thermometer and Hygrometer


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Prestige Weather Station from Rebel Velvet. For measuring atmospheric pressure, temperature and Humidity. For Indoor use only, swivel globe function allowing one to turn the station around to view the desired dial. Hand assembled in Germany from brass and clear plastic. (The plastic looks just like glass).


The Prestige Weather Station features a Barometer – which displays the atmospheric pressure,  a Thermometer – which displays the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and a Hygrometer – which displays the humidity.


No batteries required! – this is a completely analogue instrument. Temperature range: from -15 to 55 degree C. Relative humidity: 20 – 100 percent. Measures 126 mm diameter by 200 mm height.


Like a globe, the extraordinary spatial object can be rotated and turned around and offers views into the movements of thermometers, barometers and hygrometers.
Thermometers and hygrometers work with a bimetal spring, which changes its extent at different temperature or humidity. The aneroid barometer reacts sensitively to air pressure changes and makes even small fluctuations visible. The current air pressure is marked with the set needle. Watching the changes over time allows accurate weather forecasting.

The Sputnik is made in Germany, the body is made of acrylic glass and the holder made of metal.


  • For indoor use ( barometer, thermometer, hygrometer)
  • Turnable acrylic glass corpus
  • Holder made of metal
  • Classic table model with open barometer movement
  • Made in Germany

How to calibrate the Barometer.

Upon un-packaging the instrument, the barometer will need to be set to the local air pressure. This can easily be done by finding the latest pressure reading from the Met Office, using the observation site closest to where you live.

To set your barometer, simply turn a screw on the back of the station to rotate the barometer needle to the correct position (the measurement from your nearest observation site).

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